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What are Montessori toys? - BITZ

We design Montessori toys to stimulate the development of children's skills through playing and exploring and to keep them engaged for hours at a time. Toys inspired by the Montessori method are made of the highest-quality, all-natural, eco-friendly materials.

The key is to let children play freely and on their own. Instead of asking you for help, your kids will try to solve all sorts of mini-tasks independently. There are no mistakes, only learning, and growth.


Why Are Montessori Toys Better?

One test of the correctness of the educational procedure is the happiness of the child. - Maria Montessori


  • Children gradually develop focus and self-discipline
  • The Montessori method stimulates the imagination
  • Kids pick up a lifelong love of learning
  • Attention is on the vital developmental stages
  • Each child is valued as a unique individual
  • Montessori children's coordination, motor skills, concentration, and independence evolve at an above-average rate
  • At Montessori, children enjoy freedom within limits


Why Is Education Important From Day One?

85% of a child's brain develops by the age of three, so your child should be part of the Montessori Generation immediately to reach their full potential.


Scientifically Proven!

We use the scientifically proven Montessori method to develop our toys, which give your child the best education from the day they are born.

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